Since 1966, Liren has been working with major companies and strives for excellence in language teaching. This excellence is reflected by adapting to the specific needs of the business.


The ongoing development of teaching tools and assessment procedures also reflects its concern at the forefront.


It’s not a coincidence that LIREN has been awarded the Q for label of quality -- the standard in the language field -- since 1993.




Results (QFor ClientScan - 10/08/2011) :



From contacts with clients it emerges that clients are satisfied to very satisfied with the organisation and services that it provides.


The organisation and its activities meet the Qfor ClientScan standard.


Percentage of clients questioned whose general impression of the organisation is ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’: 100%.

Sum of the number of ‘satisfied’ and ‘very satisfied’ scores in relation to the total number of scores, for each of the 9 partial aspects: 96%.





Scores :



General impression: 4,38/5


Preparation: 4,13/5


Execution: 4,07/5


Project management: 4,31/5


Report & tools: 4,07/5


Consultants: 4,13/5


Follow-up: 3,93/5


Relationship management: 4,40/5


Administration & logistics: 4,07/5


Price-quality relation: 4,46/5.