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Language Courses

At LIREN, we view languages as a wonderful tool that allows you to connect with new people, work in new markets and experience new cultures. All that’s needed to immerse yourself in these exciting new worlds, is to step out of your linguistic comfort zone and LIREN helps you navigate this journey!

We offer language courses in various formats: face-to-face, virtual and blended learning options (all options as one-to-one or group lessons). All our courses focus on adapting to your specific needs, through tailor-made lessons using effective training methodologies based on communicative skills.

LIREN offers a software tool for HR departments, responsible for organizing corporate language courses. Our software provides the decision makers a continuous 360 degree access, to every detail about on-going courses and also about past and future courses.

Languages for everyone
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Thematic Courses

Some businesses require practical on-job coaching rather than perfect grammar and extensive vocabulary.

The content of this training includes limited phrases with business-specific vocabulary and good diction.

Our Thematic courses are particularly useful for professions that involve direct customer contact (receptionists, courier and security staff) or internal customer interactions (cafeteria and maintenance staff).

These courses provide language training for free speaking, telephoning and general conversations, devised for typical situations arising in the workplace and quickly enable learners to communicate confidently in order to perform their jobs efficiently.


Business communication

LIREN offers business communication courses that help learners the transition, by providing a good command of a new language, in the ever-changing and dynamic corporate world.

Our courses help you to convince and deal with dissatisfied customers,to find the right words and expressions in order to express yourself diplomatically by understanding cultural nuances in communication, which improve customer satisfaction.

And if you can do this in two or even three languages, it is a win-win for you and for the company. We believe, our business language courses offer the ultimate benefit to both -the employer and employee.



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