Our trainers are professionals of varying ages and backgrounds, all of whom have a university degree and passion to teach and share knowledge. A human connect is key to effective teaching and a trainer’s confidence and dedication serve as the foundation for promoting linguistic growth and excellence.

Our trainers guide learners throughout their training. They continuously interact with the learners, aware that it is up to them to adapt to their learners, and not the other way around.

We are proud of our trainers for their loyalty to LIREN and to the companies, where they teach.

Our trainers never stop learning, because at LIREN, we focus on continuously training our trainers. They develop teaching strategies, create educational resources and share their experiences with each other, to enhance their teaching skills.

All this, with the sole purpose of ensuring mastery of the language by the learners.

At LIREN, we know that choosing the right trainers is the best way to get you talking!



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